EDURING is an on-line platform for creating, solving, and sharing exercises. It consists of workbooks of collections containing exercises. They can be for any subject, for students of any age and in any language. You can use EDURING as a student and a teacher for practicing and as an author for creating content. If you are a teacher having a plethora of text documents with tests, you will appreciate EDURING as a place which is easy to maintain. As an author you determine the prices of your workbooks.

Non logged users

  • Click SOLVE on the main page. Choose age and subject.

  • See the list of workbooks for selected age and subject.

  • Select a workbook and click either Explore or Buy.

  • See the list of collections of the workbook.

  • Select a collection and Start.

  • Start practicing.

  • If true solutions are available, EDURING checks your solutions.

  • You can watch videos explaining the true solutions, if available.

Logged users


  • Start Workbooks-Search.

  • Select subject and age.

  • Select workbook.

  • Start practicing, if it is free. Buy it, otherwise.

  • There are four options what to do with collections

    • Start - you have never solved the collection before, you can start now

    • Start over - you have already solved the collection and you can start solving it over

    • Review - you have solved the collection and you want to view, not correct, your results

    • Continue - you haven't finished the collection yet, you can continue where you last left off

  • On your dashboard in the Student tab you have an overview of which collections you have finished (yet)

  • Good luck!


  • You can create workbooks, collections, and exercises.

  • You create content using either a form or an xml file. The form is more comfortable because it guides you through the process. You will love the xml option if you hate pushing the buttons.

  • Don't worry, no one can delete your content. Only you can do that.

  • On your dashboard in the Author tab you have an overview of what you have created.



  • See your workbooks using Workbooks-My workbooks.

  • Use Workbooks-Create-Create to create a new workbook. Or use the myWorkbook.xml template, edit it and upload it into EDURING using Workbooks-Create-Upload.

  • Determine its price either in CZK or USD or EUR.

  • By default, only you can see your content. You can change it to everyone. In Workbooks-My workbooks-Edit and click Everyone Can View. In the xml file set <ViewMode>Everyone</ViewMode> .


  • See your collections using Collections-My collections.

  • Use Collections-Create-Create to create a new collection. Or use the myCollection.xml template, edit it and upload it into EDURING using Collections-Create-Upload.

  • You can add your collections into your workbooks. Start Collections-Search then select a collection and click Add to workbook.

  • Each collection has to be part of at least one workbook to be available for users.


  • See your exercises using Exercises-My exercises.

  • Use Exercises-Create-Create to create a new exercise.

  • You can upload exercises into EDURING either one by one or using a zip file with xml files. Upload them using Exercises-Create-Upload.

  • Each exercise type is associated with a template. You can download them below

  • Use a latex-like style to write mathematical expressions, see the links [1], [2]

  • If you want to add or edit the result of the exercise, go Exercises-My exercises-Edit-Download. Edit <Result>correct result</Result> in the xml file and upload it using Exercises-Create-Upload.

  • You can include an image into your exercise, e.g., <InstructionPicture Src="" />

  • You can add your exercises into your collections. Start Exercises-My exercises then select an exercise and click Add to collection. In the xml file, edit the <CollectionId> element.


Check out EDURING iOS. If you are not an Apple fun, watch the teaser for memory games.

Feel free to contact us. You can reach us here.